Government Polytechnic, Beed

        शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, बीड

Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been in existence since the inception of G.P. Beed in 1985 and has grown into a full fledged department with specialisations in all the major areas of Mechanical Engineering.

The Department has well-established Machine shop & Workshop, CNC Lab, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab, Thermal Engineering Lab, Theory of Machine Lab, Manufacturing process Lab, Measurement and Control Lab, Metrology & Quality Control Lab, Industrial Fluid Power Lab, Control Engineering Lab. Various activities are organized to develop soft skills of the students such as Paper Presentation, Industrial Visits, and Expert Lectures, etc.

Mechanical engineers use the basic principles of motion, energy, and force to design and almost all products. Today’s mechanical engineers may work on developing robotic systems for manufacturing, develop a prototype of an electric car; build and test turbojets; design and produce advanced materials for supersonic travel or cryogenic field.

List Of Laboratories:

Location of laboratory Laboratory Name Lab In charge Equipments
Room no. 101 MQC Lab Mr. Kale S. L./Mr. Thigle V.G. Floating Carriage Machine, Angle Dekkor, Vernier Callipers.
Room no. 101 Power Engineering Lab Mr. Wagh D. G.
Room no. 101 Hydraulic & Fluid Power Engineering Mr. Zarkar P. M. Hydraulic bench, Pelton Turbine, Centrifugal pump.
Room no. 101 Thermal Engineering Lab Mr. Wagh D. G. Hydraulic bench, Pelton Turbine, Centrifugal pump.
Room no. 101


Sr.No Name Designation Exp. Qualification Email id
01 Mr. Zarkar P. M. I/c, HOD BE(Mechanical)
02 Mr. Bansode U. V. Lecturer BE(Mechanical)
03 Mr. Lolage A. R. Lecturer ME(Mechanical)
04 Mr. Rayate M. N. Lecturer M.Tech(Mechanical)
05 Ms. Wavare A. U. Lecturer ME(Mechanical)
06 Mr. Wagh D. G. Lecturer ME(Mechanical)
07 Mr. Thigle V. G. Lecturer BE(Mechanical)
08 Mr. Kale S. L. Lecturer BE(Mechanical)