Government Polytechnic, Beed

        शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, बीड

Printing Technology


The Department of Printing Technology has been in existence since the inception of G.P. Beed in 1995 and has grown into a full fledged department with specialisations in all the major areas of Printing Technology.

The Department has well-established Pre-Press Lab, Post-Press Lab, Press Lab, Testing Lab, DTP Lab and Color Management Lab. Various activities are organized to develop soft skills of the students such as Paper Presentation, Industrial Visits, and Expert Lectures, etc.

Printing engineers use the basic principles of motion, energy, and force to design and almost all products. Today’s printing engineers may work printing, packaging, publishing and designing industries.

List Of Laboratories:

Location of Lab Laboratory Name Lab In charge Equipments
Room no. 106 Pre-Press Lab Horizontal Camera, Printing Down Frame, Pasting Table
Room no. 112 Press Lab Mr. Jadhav A. S. Single Color Offset Machine, 4 Color Gravure Machine
Room no. 123 Post-Press Lab Cutting Machine, Wire-Stitching Machine, Spiral Binder
Room no. 123 DTP Lab Computer Systems with various pre-press softwares.
Room no. 109 Color Management Lab Spectrophotometer, ORIS Software(for color management)
Room no. 109 Testing Lab Densitometer, Cobb Tester, GSM Tester,


Sr.No Name Designation Exp. Qualification Email id
501 Mr.Jadhav A. S. Lecturer BE Printing
502 Mr.Nathe P. D. Lecturer ME Printing
503 Mrs.Bodhe N. A. Lecturer BE Printing
504 Mr.Athawale R. C. Lecturer BE Printing
505 Mr. Landage V. A. Printing Instructor Diploma in Printing
506 Mr. Kulkarni R. H. Printing Instructor Diploma in Printing
507 Mr. Kulkarni R. H. Printing Instructor Diploma in Printing
508 Mr. Sisal A. A. Printing Instructor Diploma in Printing
509 Mr. Tandale S. H. Printing Instructor BE in Printing
510 Mr. Gavhane V. D. Hamal ---- ----