Government Polytechnic, Beed

        शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, बीड

Principal Desk

Dr. M. R. Lohokare


Government Polytechnic, Beed is an pioneer institute in the field of Technical Education - Since 1983. Considered as India’s one of the leading autonomous Polytechnics, we aim at providing skill based Diploma Education to students’ through state-of-art curriculum designed in co-ordination with industry . It is framed with a view of transforming students, who could be of tremendous help in making meaningful contributions to industries, community and rural development as well as inculcating a spirit of self employment through all round training and skill development courses.

Government Polytechnic, Beed has a wealth of talent and knowledge with qualified faculty and high merit students. Equipped with good physical facilities in the form of buildings, lecture halls, laboratories, workshops, hostels etc. With skilled technicians and craftsman for adoption of appropriate technologies, we consistently adapt to the changing needs through continuous up gradation of all our resources. My organization, is committed towards imparting education which as defined by Swami Vivekananda says “Education should be man-making , life giving and character building”.

Former Principal

Sr.No Name From Upto
02 KRUSHNKANT VASUDEV PARVATI 31/01/1985 14/10/1985
04 MADHUKAR KASHINATH GARUD 15/04/1988 28/02/1991
05 GOPINATH MALLIKARJUN PIMPALE 01/03/1991 30/06/1991
06 BALAPPA VYANKAPPA NANDAL 01/07/1991 27/09/1994
07 BABASAHEB SHANKARRAO ADURKAR 28/09/1994 24/07/1996
08 RAMKRUSHN DIGAMBARRAO VIRDHE 25/07/1996 27/01/1999
09 M. P. SALGARE 27/01/1999 25/07/2002
10 AJAY VASANTRAO PESHAVE 26/07/2002 08/07/2003
11 SUDHIR SHRIDHARRAO RAMDASI 08/07/2003 18/01/2005
12 CHANDRAKANT BHIMRAO SHETE 19/01/2005 04/09/2005
13 ANIL SHAMRAO LATURKAR 05/09/2005 18/06/2007
14 P. R. PATTALVAR 18/06/2007 16/06/2008
15 SUSHILKUMAR MASTRAM SWAR 16/06/2008 30/06/2011
16 ANANDKUMAR GAYAPRASAD SWAR 01/07/2011 08/04/2012
17 VINAYAK SHESHERAO DESHMUKH 09/04/2012 30/06/2016
18 M. K. MALIK 01/07/2016 23/07/2016
19 DR. M. R. LOHOKARE 24/09/2013 PRESENT