Science & Humanities

About Sceince & Humanities Department

Mr. S. S. Sirsat
I/c, Head of Department,
Department of Science

The Department of Science has been in existence since the inception of G.P. Beed in 1985.

The Department has well-established Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Language Lab.

Engineers use the basic principles of motion, energy, and force to design and almost all products.


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Contact No. Profile
01 Mr. S. S. Sirsat I/c, HOD, Lecturer in English 9404940021
02 Mr. G. P. Bhandekar Lecturer in Mathematics 9421088085
03 Mr. V. B. Dhokane Lecturer in English 9404652453
04 Mr. Nahide P.M Lecturer in Physics 7775880517


Sr. No. Name of Laboratory Name of Lab. Incharge Name of Lab. Instructor / Assistant
1. PHYSICS LAB Mr. Nahide P.M Mrs. V. P. Pawal
2. CHEMISTRY LAB Mr. Nahide P.M Mrs. V. P. Pawal
3. LANGUAGE LAB Mr. V. B. Dhokane Mrs. V. P. Pawal